Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the studio require a building consent
A: Studios 10m2 or less do not normally require a building consent

Q: Do you have a studio we can view
A: Yes we can arrange for you to view our display studio

Q: Can the studio have an ensuite
A: An ensuite with shower, toilet, and vanity etc can be installed by extending the length of the studio, a building consent will be required

Q: Who will install the studio to a partial, or complete build
A: Studios are constructed by licensed building practioners

Q: With a complete build, can I use my own subtrade contacts
A: Yes, you can use your own subtrade contacts if it's complete build the sale price is adjusted accordingly

Q: Will you visit our site
A: Yes, we will visit your site free of charge, and after checking boundarys and existing drainage, will advise you where we think the best place would be to position the studio

Q: What is the standard studio foundation
A: Studios are priced allowing for standard timber subfloor frameing, under floor insulation and strandboard flooring, concrete floors can be another option subject to ground levels

Q: Is there a choice of exterior cladding
A: Grooved Shadowclad ply is the standard exterior finish to the studios, other optional extras, are board and batten, weatherboards, ply and batten, mini profile corrugated colour steel, or vertical rebated boards